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✨ Feedback & Results ✨

After one week into Health Mastery Institute's Heal Candida Now protocol to help her clear her decades-long battle with acne!:

"I can tell I'm doing something! I can tell I can there’s a difference. My skin looks fresher and brighter than it did. My period was less painful, too!"

After receiving her Wellness Plan, this client began taking steps to lose extra pounds and clear her skin!

"It's only been a few weeks since I implemented some small changes. By simply removing almost all oil, tweaking my supplements and when I take them, I'm feeling so much lighter and my skin is clearer already. I'm wearing less makeup and didn't break out like I did with my last cycle. Someone asked me last week if I'd lost weight and I noticed my swimsuit was a little loose. Such a great reminder that small tweaks are so freaking easy and they add up!"

This client began Health Mastery Institute's Heal Candida Now Protocol, began seeing clearer skin within days, braved coffee enemas, and realized they're how much better they make you feel!

"I completed the Day 3 Juice cleanse and to be honest, 1st day I just felt bring fog and mildly fatigued. But once I did the coffee enema, I felt SO much better. Felt good because I was having a clean diet and did not feel bloated. My skin felt clear too, less clogged than usual."

After receiving her Wellness Plan, this client felt confident to start balancing her hormones & working towards a pain-free menstrual cycle!

"I had my IUD removed! I already feel so relieved to have that take care of, it’s been something I’ve wanted to do for months now, and I’m grateful it is done!"

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