Clean-up the inside, polish the outside– glow from the inside-out!

Hey, I'm Lisa!

I can show you how to harness the power of plant-based nutrition, safe & effective detox protocols, and self-care practices to heal your skin & body, release what’s weighing you down, and glow from the inside-out!

"What happens on the inside truly does show up on the outside, and what you use on the outside either helps or dramatically harms."

– Liana Shanti, Founder of Health Mastery Institute

Right NOW is always the perfect time to create your inside-out glow.

Whether you're in need of some pampering after a life transition, have a wedding or big event this year, or you simply want to look and feel your best at the office, on the beach, in the bedroom, and everything in-between, I can help.

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Can you relate to any of these?

  • You know diet plays a role in your physical, mental, and emotional health, but you're not sure where to start, OR you've tried a bunch of things already, including a plant-based diet, yet you're still not feeling better
  • You're living with some form of chronic pain that affects nearly every area of your life, and you're not sure what the issue is or how to fix it
  • You use pharmaceutical and/or recreational drugs to help boost your mood and/or manage chronic pain, but they're not making you feel better long-term, and you want a different way
  • You're in a cycle of turning to fast food and alcohol for pleasure and comfort, but you know it's taking a toll on your body, and you want to make a change
  • You have chronic breakouts and skin issues– anything from pesky whiteheads to cystic acne, to psoriasis, eczema, or rosacea, and everything in-between
  • You always feel like something's off, whether it's constant bloating after everything you eat, or an inability to stay focused or concentrate, or chronic fatigue that keeps you dependent on caffeine
  • You experience anything from intense mood swings to depression and anxiety to breakouts leading up to your menstrual cycle, and you want support with naturally balancing hormones
  • You've been experiencing feelings of dissatisfaction, lack or purpose, confusion, or creative blocks around any area of your life, business, or career, and you feel a change in your health would create change in your life
  • You know your overall health could be in better shape, and you want to GLOW from the inside-out!

If so, you're in the right place! Keep scrolling for info that can truly help you.

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Free Content & Recent Discussions

  • If you want to kickstart your healing quickly (as in this week) with minimal time, money, and energy investment, do this free 3-Day Detox by Health Mastery Institute. Shopping list and recipes for juices, smoothies, and meals all included. Download the detox and DM me @insideoutglowcoach on Instagram for accountability.

  • Learn about one of the most powerful detox methods there is: coffee enemas! I've been raving about coffee enemas for over a year now, and for good reason– check out this Instagram highlight, and here's a free Coffee Enema Starter Kit I created for you!

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Ways to Work Together 1:1

  • Book a complimentary 20-minute Inside-Out Glow Call: This no-charge discovery call is for new clients. During this call, I'll be able to learn about your health concerns, how they're impacting your life, clarify your goals, and discuss which package would be right for you.

  • Purchase an Inside-Out Glow Wellness Plan ($175): Also includes a 45-minute follow-up session.
    • If you're not sure if you're ready for long-term support, get a Wellness Plan created for you! This could be used forthings like:
      • A Personalized Skin Wellness Plan where we focus solely on things you can do ASAP to begin healing your acne
      • Or... a plan to help you heal your gut, or your chronic pain, or improving your physical health before/during/after getting off prescription or recreational drugs... or a plan to begin healing all of these issues if that's what's going on for you!
      • Or... a plan that's focused on supporting you through a life transition or to simply bring more love, joy, creativity, femininity, and ritual into your life from the inside-out! I'll provide you with the tips, tools, encouragement, inspiration, and motivation you need to support your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health through whatever season of life you're experiencing.

  • Purchase an Inside-Out Glow Package For Deeper Support (Best Value): I offer 4-week or 12-week packages that include a Client Questionnaire, a Personalized Wellness Plan, Coaching Calls, and light Email Support in-between sessions.
    • These packages can be used for everything from creating a custom skincare plan for you to guiding you through one of HMI's nutrition protocols, or something else!
    • 4-Week Packages are $350 and comes with 2 Coaching Calls
    • 12-Week Packages are $875 (or three payments of $350) and includes 6 Coaching Calls and even deeper results!

"When we have health, when our liver is functioning great, and smooth, and we’re detoxed, the world seems limitless! It’s like we can conquer anything! We can become the painter we always wanted to become, or we can become the business owner we always wanted to become!"

– Liana Shanti, Founder of Health Mastery Institute

The Detox That Will Change Your Skin, Gut, and LIFE!

The Heal Candida Now Nutrition Protocol

via Health Mastery Institute

The vast majority of women have candida overgrowth due to a lifetime of things like antibiotics (primary cause), birth control pills, poor diet, and chronic stress.

Candida is a harmless yeast that lives in your intestinal tract, BUT it has the ability to change from a normal yeast to a harmful fungus, which leads to overgrowth. Our health is directly related to the healthy functioning of our intestinal tract, and when candida overgrowth takes hold in our digestive tract, it can affect the inflammatory response in the body and destroy immune cells.

Candida is able to cause a vast amount of symptoms – everything from acne, to bloating, to chronic fatigue – because of its ability to promote inflammation in the body and create excessive toxicity that affects how every organ, tissue, and cell functions. In other words... you want to heal from candida overgrowth ASAP!

Heal Candida Now was created by Liana Shanti, the founder of Health Mastery Institute, and for just $99, you can give your gut a total reset, which can lead to profound healing around everything from skin issues, to anxiety and depression, and even emotional eating.

I also offer coaching through this protocol if you'd like one-on-one support along the way!

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How to know if you'd benefit from coaching through Heal Candida Now: This protocol begins with a 7-day juice fast, and it requires that you eliminate sugar for a period of time. Having one-on-one coaching through this process can be a huge support to help you stay accountable and encouraged, especially if your symptoms are keeping you from concentrating and committing to personal goals.

It can be challenging to stay on track when we don't feel well, and having a personal coach can help. You'll also receive a Wellness Plan that I prepare for you to support you with any additional health needs outside of healing your candida.

How to know if it's NOT the right time for Heal Candida Now, but you still want to work on your health goals: It's almost AWAYS the right time to heal candida overgrowth, except if pregnant or breastfeeding. Other scenarios where you may not be ready for Heal Candida Now are if you're currently finishing a round of antibiotics (though there may be exceptions), if you're still on hormonal birth control and aren't ready to go off right now, or if you're currently in the midst of a hectic travel schedule without access to a kitchen.

In these situations, you'll most likely want a personalized Wellness Plan that can help you get on your way to healing your skin and body and preparing to make other diet and lifestyle changes before diving into Heal Candida Now.

What a Personalized Wellness Plan can provide if you're not ready for Heal Candida Now: You can still begin making shifts in your diet that promote healing within your body, whether it's a plan that can help you shift to a plant-based diet done right, or guiding you through an elimination diet or another one of HMI's nutrition protocols that can begin clearing up your skin and help you increase your confidence before diving into the full Heal Candida Now program... there's a lot you can start doing right away. Heal Candida Now will get you amazing results and FAST, but there's always other things we can do if it's TRULY not the right time!

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30 vs. 34

My 30th Birthday (2018)

Days Before my 34th Birthday (2022)

Snapshot of My Own Healing Journey

I completely understand the toll that not looking or feeling your best can take on all other areas of your life.

For me, what began as acne, chronic fatigue, and depression as a teenager would evolve into a weed addiction, chronic pain, and more through my 20's and 30's.

While I was usually able to fake the appearance of clear skin and good health with makeup, harsh skincare products, and a smile, underneath the surface, a perfect storm was brewing.

When I turned 30, my health was at one of its lowest points, and my eyes said it all. I was inflamed throughout my face and body, Iiving with chronic pain that manifested in my arms, neck, and shoulders, smoking weed nearly everyday, drinking regularly, and eating an animal-based diet, including lots of gluten and processed foods. I was also in the middle of a life transition and experiencing high stress, and I lacked the tools and guidance I needed to support my mind, body, and spirit.

Fast forward to today, and I've finally begun to experience what true healing feels. Through detoxing my body, committing to a plant-based lifestyle done right, becoming a health coach through Health Mastery Institute (HMI), as well as implementing the inner healing tools & practices created by Liana Shanti (the founder of HMI), I'm now over one year weed and alcohol-free, I have ZERO chronic pain, and I've been able to gain the strength, clarity, and confidence I needed to release myself of anything that was weighing me down and harming my mind, body, and spirit so I could begin creating a more vibrant life for myself.

You can heal yourself, too! I know the path to take, and if you're ready to join me, I'm here to show you the way!

Why HMI?

"When everybody’s out of options, HMI coaches are

just getting started!"

– Cahira Noelani, Admissions Director of Health Mastery Institute

If you want to look and feel more vibrant than you ever have in your whole life, 50+ years of scientific research has concluded that a low-fat, high-raw, plant-based diet is the best diet for OPTIMAL health.

You’ll not only look and feel amazing, but you’ll be preventing heart disease, diabetes, and cancer– the world’s top three diseases, which are ALL lifestyle diseases (diseases we can prevent). This isn't about convincing anyone to go vegan or judging lifestyle choices– this is about sharing scientific facts, and the facts are what we learn at HMI.

The reality is that when you're not well, EVERYTHING else in your life suffers, and what you put into your mouth day in and day out is the single most important thing you could do for our health. HMI coaches not only learn how to help you thrive on the optimal diet for humans, but how to detox your body from all the not-so-optimal eating you've done up until this point.

When people have exhausted all of their options, they hire an HMI health coach. Let this be the year you give yourself the most amazing gift ever– looking and feeling your absolute BEST so you can be the healthiest, happiest woman you know and can encourage other women to do the same for themselves!

Feedback & Results

After receiving her Wellness Plan, this client began taking steps to lose extra pounds and clear her skin!

"It's only been a few weeks since I implemented some small changes. By simply removing almost all oil, tweaking my supplements and when I take them, I'm feeling so much lighter and my skin is clearer already. I'm wearing less makeup and didn't break out like I did with my last cycle. Someone asked me last week if I'd lost weight and I noticed my swimsuit was a little loose. Such a great reminder that small tweaks are so freaking easy and they add up!"

- Jacq

This client began the Heal Candida Now Protocol, began seeing clearer skin within days, braved coffee enemas, and realized they're how much better they make you feel!

I completed the Day 3 Juice cleanse and to be honest, 1st day I just felt bring fog and mildly fatigued. But once I did the coffee enema, I felt SO much better. Felt good because I was having a clean diet and did not feel bloated. My skin felt clear too, less clogged than usual. Generally felt lighter, but definitely recommend the enema. Felt weird at first but once you do it the first time it is fine.

– Lucy

After receiving her Wellness Plan, this client felt confident to start balancing her hormones & working towards a pain-free menstrual cycle!

"I had my IUD removed! I already feel so relieved to have that take care of, it’s been something I’ve wanted to do for months now, and I’m grateful it is done!"

– Tara

A thank you from someone who asked for some tips to support their body through withdrawing from weed. Magnesium is a huge one!

"Thank you so much Lisa for this comprehensive breakdown. I definitely need more magnesium in my life. These are some great tips!"

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